Optimum Singing

An app for the whole family. A vocal workout to advance the quality of your singing, to increase your vocal range and to improve your vocal breathing.

For everyone who would like to learn to sing

If you’re looking for the best singing app, we did the hard work for you! It’s a vocal coaching app that singers, students, and coaches themselves can definitely rely on.

A beneficial way to spend your time

It is proved that singing has many physical, emotional and social benefits.

Can be used whenever you like

No Internet connection required.

Secure environment

No annoying ads.

Recorded by Optimum Sounds, the music department at Optimum Apps

15 Exercises
Studio Quality
Vocal Teacher
3 Styles to choose
20 Minutes a Day
Different Levels

With Optimum Singing

Find new boundaries for you voice!


First two exercises are always free!!!

For any age

Optimum Singing is good for children and parents

Done Professionally

Created by a graduate from the "University of Northwestern" Saint Paul, Minnesota

Improves your singing

Just 20 minutes a day will improve your singing skills

30,000+ Users

Optimum Singing is a powerful educational tool that you can use whenever you like.
Made by teachers, singers and musicians for you with love!

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Frequently asked quetions

• It is your personal vocal coach.

• It’s a variety of exercises for you and your children to improve your vocal abilities. A daily workout for an awesome singing voice.

• This app allows you to choose the style of music that you prefer. Be it Pop, Modern, or just Piano accompaniment. This provides you with an individually tailored lesson and is sure to boost your mood!

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